The Best Office Lighting to Improve Productivity

Have you found yourself wondering how office lighting and productivity are linked? Have a look at this guide to learn more about how lighting improves productivity.

You might not think that office lighting and productivity are linked. The truth is that how an office is lit affects how well people work. A majority of offices have lighting that isn’t the right type, which often hinders workplace productivity.  A major study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design showcased how 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting they have in their offices.

A science that further substantiates why good office lighting is so essential is ergonomics, which is the study of workplace productivity. Ergonomics demonstrates how your office’s bad lightning could negatively affect your work performance. Equipping an office with the right lighting has become increasingly important. This article will look at the best office lighting that your office should utilize to increase workplace productivity. 

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How Is Office Lighting and Productivity Linked

Employee wellness has become an increasingly relevant field of study in the last few studies. Numerous studies have been undertaken to assess how exactly office lighting affects productivity in the workplace. The science of ergonomics includes an analysis of office lighting and how bad lighting can prove detrimental to employee health and productivity. 

When employees are continually exposing themselves to bad lighting in the workplace, this, in the long term, will end up affecting many aspects of employee health. This could lead to possible workplace injuries, and continuous exposure to bad lighting has already been linked to eyesight issues, increased employee stress levels, and frequent headaches. Besides the obvious health concerns, constant exposure to harsh and inadequate lighting in the office takes a massive toll on employee moods

Should an employee always be in a state of unhappiness, they will not perform as well as they should. This directly affects workplace productivity negatively. In the long run, a focus on better lighting will save costs, improve employee happiness, and ultimately improve productivity. There is always a way to make office improvements better, and lighting should be the first step. 

How to Choose the Best Office Lighting to Increase Productivity

As we now know, office lighting is an incredibly important aspect of workplace productivity and that by improving workplace lighting, we are, in essence, improving our productivity. There are a few simple and common ways to enhance office lighting to create a more energetic and mood pleasing environment. A well-lit office will undoubtedly lead to better productivity. 

Use Overhead Lighting and Task Lighting In Conjunction with One Another

One of the best office lighting techniques is to use task lighting and overhead lighting together. When looking to improve workplace lighting, you should ensure that there are low glare lightbulbs in your task light lamps. Lower glare lightbulbs have far fewer health concerns associated with them. 

Fluorescent lighting has been known to create hyperactivity and sleeping issues. When considering task lighting lamps, the gooseneck variety is usually the best because they can cast more light where needed without making too much light in other office areas. 

Select the Right Type of Office Lighting 

It is vitally important to pick the correct type of office lighting for your office space. There are numerous different options available on the market, including ergonomic lighting solutions. You can choose everything from the color temperature to the level of brightness that you want for your office. 

For optimum performance and increased productivity, you will want to select light bulbs with a low energy rating that is bright enough to provide adequate lighting. You will also want to pick lighting that is all the same color, preferably neutral, and has the same warmth level. Despite some negatives linked to fluorescent lighting, the best type of bulb is usually the fluorescent 6500 bulbs for overhead lighting. 

Choose Indirect Lighting 

Most workplace health problems with eyesight arise from offices that only use direct lighting. Direct lighting is often linked to headaches, which leads to lower productivity levels in employees.  

Wherever possible, choose lamps as a source of indirect lighting. By opting for indirect lighting, you will increase workplace productivity exponentially. Make sure to disperse the lights around the office; otherwise, it will defeat the purpose. 

Introduce Natural Lighting to Your Office Areas

One of the best types of lighting you can use in your office is natural lighting. Not only is it free, but it has a positive influence on workplace productivity. According to a study conducted by Cornell University, many people exposed to natural light in the office report a nearly 84 percent drop in common workplace afflictions such as headaches and eye strain. 

It’s essential to choose an office space or build an office with a decent amount of natural light exposure. By choosing natural light, dense areas, employees are more likely to have better moods and have increased productivity levels. Natural lighting is also going to save you costs on your electrical bills, and if you can’t utilize natural lightning, go with ergonomic energy-saving options.

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Should you be wondering how you can get your office lighting to match ergonomic standards, look at Edison, which offers lighting solutions.  

Fluorescent Office Lighting VS LED Office Lighting

Recently there have been copious amounts of debate regarding whether an office should opt for fluorescent lighting or LED lighting. Both options have positives and negatives, but many offices are now opting to go with LED lighting solutions. 

LED lighting is known to be slightly more expensive to install, but it can save businesses money in the long term because of how energy-efficient status they are. LED lighting has a longer lifespan compared to fluorescent lighting. They don’t use as much of the energy known as infrared radiation the way fluorescent lighting usually does. 

Fluorescent lighting doesn’t have as many benefits when compared to LED lighting. There are often customizable options available with the former lighting option, where they can be dimmed and set to mimic certain lighting conditions. What this allows for is less strain for employees and a greater likelihood of increasing workplace productivity. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Office Lighting

There are a few common mistakes it would be best to avoid when choosing office lighting. We have notarized a few of the most prominent errors that should be avoided. Should you keep these tips in mind, you are likely to have an office space that is far more productive. 

  • Plan out how you want the lighting design for the office space. Ensure you employ the best possible electrical company to ensure all the paneling and electronic lighting is working correctly. You need to make sure that the proper installation practices are followed. You don’t want to pay for ergonomic lighting to increase productivity that doesn’t work. 
  • Make sure to choose the right fixtures, lightbulb colors, and the correct type of light bulb for your office. Using the wrong fixtures can result in a reduced lifespan for your lighting and is counterproductive to increasing office productivity. Ensure that you have the right type of lighting for the different office areas, as this will also affect productivity and your company’s overall feel.
  • Perhaps the most important tip is to ensure that you choose the correct beam angle for your office’s lighting. A correctly placed beam will ensure that your office space is well lit even if you use low wattage bulbs. 

If you’ve decided that you would like to install better lighting solutions for your office space, you can directly contact Edison to help you with all your lighting needs. 

Those Are the Best Office Lighting Solutions to Improve Productivity

Improving workplace productivity with the right lighting can be tricky. Luckily there are solutions that you can do to use the best lighting possible to improve your office productivity. Using the correct lighting in your office will not only increase productivity but will also save businesses money in the long run. 

Try to optimize your office space to capitalize on natural lighting, and if that isn’t always possible, install LED lighting. Additionally, avoid fluorescent lighting and direct lighting wherever possible to eliminate workplace health issues associated with poor lighting.

By considering these factors, you are sure to have the best lighting possible in your office, which is sure to promote workplace productivity. 

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