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Building automation is the use of a Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS) to automatically control a building's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as the many electrical systems, lighting, shading, security, fire prevention, and access requirements that are integral parts of facilities management.

A performant BAS connects software and hardware networks to monitor and control these disparate yet interrelated functions. Best-in-class systems provide users with a centralized dashboard from where system performance and incidence responses can be monitored, and they also gather the data needed for building operators or managers to make smart, business-driven decisions while simultaneously enhancing occupant comfort, safety, and productivity.

Any automation system you choose should help you to reduce your energy and maintenance overheads, which typically comprise a substantial amount of your variable costs, and they should also function the way you do: quickly and remotely.

Key Functions and Benefits

The key functionalities of building automation systems are:

To maintain a certain climate within a building.

To light rooms based on activity or occupancy schedules.

To monitor the performance of systems and identify failures and maintenance needs.

Sound malfunction alarms to maintenance staff.

In doing this, your BAS should reduce the energy and maintenance costs of your building, and most commercial and industrial buildings built after the year 2000 have a BAS. It is not uncommon for older buildings to be retrofitted with a new BAS also, a development driven by the energy and insurance savings driven with pre-emptive maintenance and rapid and effective issue detection.

Despite the many advantages of BAS, connecting systems that run your lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, electrical needs, video, access control, and fire safety takes a great deal of planned collaboration and a well-defined architecture that can help you leverage the power of a BAS and enjoy the many cost savings and productivity enhancements it comes with.

Edison’s Building Automation Solutions

Edison is powering the convergence of BAS and information technology using new technologies that make it easier to deliver the information and services needed to those who need it, in an easily digestible format, complete with reporting, charts, and recommendations.

Edison’s BAS can help you:

  • Allocate more of your budget to productivity enhancements.
  • Lower your energy consumption bills.
  • Enhance occupant comfort.
  • Enhance staff and occupant productivity.
  • Quickly identify and address maintenance issues and hazards
  • Lower your total cost of ownership, liability, and risk via centralized and effective management tools.
  • Lower your operational costs thanks to systems consolidation.

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We build and deploy industry-leading building automation systems that can help keep your facilities and teams safe, comfortable, and productive. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with a wide range of systems and processes and our Solutions Experts can help you design a system that is custom-built for your budget and use case. With an Edison Power BAS, you and your teams will have the data and control you need to enjoy cost savings, security, and centralized insight into all building operations.

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