Mechanical System Optimization

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Between 20% and 40% of the energy used by commercial buildings and industrial facilities is used to power HVAC and mechanical support systems.

Any solution that allows you to save on these costs – without any disruptions in processes – can lead to significant bottom-line gains. The process of designing and deploying a system that can help you do that is called Mechanical System Optimization (MSO).

Benefits and Opportunities

There are many ways that MSO can help drive cost savings, higher efficiency, and better productivity.

An MSO can help you prevent systems from simultaneously heating and cooling your facility or specific workspaces.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and improved controls can help you manage system operations and energy consumption based on varying requirements.

An effective MSO will lead to lower energy bills, with certain high-efficiency systems consuming as much as 33% less fuel than alternative systems.

MSO with a high-efficiency HVAC system can be used with air filtration and anti-microbial technologies that reduce the growth and spread of airborne toxins or contaminants.

Edison’s Mechanical Optimization Systems

Every deployment is different, and your business needs are unique. As part of the design and deployment process, we first thoroughly examine your facility and then design an optimized solution based on how your teams and systems operate in different areas.

With decades of industry experience, Edison Power’s expertise in designing, installing, and upgrading systems – whether in commercial, industrial, or organizational settings – is unparalleled.

At Edison Power, we help our clients identify cost-saving opportunities, and we help them with the design and deployment of systems that can help them operate cleaner, better, more efficient, and lower-cost facilities and machine systems. Our services include the inspection, repair, replacement, and installation of a wide range of building systems, including:

  • Air handling units and retrofits.
  • Rooftop units and retrofits.
  • Boilers and chillers, including cooling systems, steam systems, and retrofits.
  • Motor retrofits.
  • VFDs and system monitoring tools.

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