Wiring Innovation

Edison Power and Controls proudly serves contractors and property owners in Northern and Central Virginia.

We pride ourselves on promoting a safe work environment and providing our employees with the necessary education to maintain the workmanship and reliability we’ve become known for.

Edison brings a wealth of knowledge to our customers' custom commercial electrical and building automation needs. We believe in providing quality work backed by integrity and experience.

Tell us your requirements and expectations, and we’ll start working on finding the best solutions for the job. The success of your project matters as much to us as it does to you. Because of this, we always prioritize providing quality work promptly.

Giving Back to Our Community

Building a community and relationships in and around Culpeper County.

Edison Power and Controls partners with local business owners and contractors to help grow our community. We offer our services to local churches, first responders, nurses, teachers, and military veterans at a discounted rate. Edison also provides services for local realtors and lenders working with clients in our area to attract new businesses and meet the needs of a growing community. Among our many community investment initiatives is offering support to local charity projects to ensure the continuing success of Culpeper County and surrounding areas.

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We build and deploy industry-leading building automation systems that can help keep your facilities and teams safe, comfortable, and productive. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with a wide range of systems and processes and our Solutions Experts can help you design a system that is custom-built for your budget and use case. With an Edison Power system, you and your teams will have the data and control you need to enjoy cost savings, security, and centralized insight into all building operations.

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