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Rooftop HVAC units are typically installed in smaller commercial and industrial buildings. If your building has a flat roof, you will likely have ample space for the installation of air and rooftop HVAC equipment. These systems are sometimes called packaged units since all of the components of the system are packaged together in a single enclosure. Rooftop units are also designed to function in harsh environmental conditions, including sunlight, rain, and wind, frost, and other conditions.

These systems function similarly to other types of HVAC equipment and are built to provide comfort to building or facility occupants. You can use a Building Automation System (BAS) to integrate your rooftop HVAC system to a wider network of integrated systems so that you can enjoy the control and seamless management of your facility that you need to lower costs and improve performance.

Benefits of Installing a Rooftop HVAC Unit

The business case for installing an HVAC unit for your facility can be compelling. Consider the following benefits of an effective rooftop system:

On the roof, you conserve ground space, which is especially important in business settings where space is priced at a premium.

With your HVAC equipment installed on the roof, these systems are typically safe from theft and vandalism. Copper theft from HVAC units installed at ground level is common.

HVAC systems can be noisy, but with a rooftop system in place, you can improve facility comfort and minimize sound disturbances and worker distraction.

Since all of the equipment that makes up your HVAC system is housed in the same cabinet, access is easy. Maintenance and repair costs and downtime can also be minimized.

Edison’s Air and Rooftop Services

We can help you make the business case for a rooftop HVAC installation based on your projected cost savings and productivity enhancements based on the installation size and system usage.

At Edison, we can help you:

  • Install, repair, upgrade, or retrofit an air or rooftop HVAC system.
  • We help with wiring, system integration, and overload protection.
  • We perform system audits to determine if there are any wire, breaker, or circuit issues you need to address.

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The cost savings and productivity enhancements that you can enjoy from a professionally designed and installed rooftop HVAC system are considerable. Contact our Rooftop Unit Team today for assistance with a new installation or help with wire management for your existing systems.

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