Pneumatic Retrofits and DDC Systems

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The benefits of using a Building Automation System (BAS) to run and control your HVAC and electrical systems have been widely documented. A significant portion of commercial energy consumption in the United States (up to 40%, according to some estimates) goes to HVAC and heavy machine operations. These systems consume hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of energy every year. Saving even a fraction of a percentage on these costs can lead to significant cost savings across the board for you and your business.

Unfortunately, many buildings use HVAC controls that rely on pneumatic systems to compress air at the zone level, and many of these systems cannot be programmed or controlled remotely. By retrofitting them and installing Direct Digital Controls (DDC), you can control your HVAC system and implement smart, energy-saving solutions that can help you lower your power, heating, and cooling costs. These include occupancy overrides, night setbacks, usage-based energy commissioning, smart sensors, and centralized control of interrelated building systems.

Benefits of Pneumatic Retrofits

New control systems and retrofits can deliver significant improvements in comfort, operability, and cost that can help you recoup your initial investment.

Other benefits include:

Quick payback period.

Energy savings of up to 30%.

Faster, hassle-free maintenance.

Enhanced occupant comfort.

Automated demand response.

Retrofitting a building that does not have DDC involves opening up walls and ceilings to replace HVAC wiring and actuators. This can release potentially harmful substances such as asbestos. Furthermore, many clients are unwilling to pay the high up-front cost required to retrofit their systems, often because the payback period can be five years or more.

Edison Power Handles the Pneumatic Retrofit Challenge

At Edison Power, we understand these business issues, and we are in a unique position to advise you regarding how to go about a pneumatic retrofit and DDC install. Thanks to the long-term savings associated with pneumatic retrofits, it makes business sense to install highly accurate DDC controls to manage power consumption via better scheduling, smarter power distribution, smarter lighting, safer wiring, and highly informed decision-making.

Key Features of Edison's Systems:

Edison Power’s systems are designed to cover all of your HVAC and electrical needs. For pneumatic retrofits and DDC installs, we include the following services with each deployment.

  • The replacement of legacy thermostats.
  • Dead-band capabilities to prevent oscillation/repeated activation-deactivation cycles.
  • Relative humidity (RH) sensors.
  • Auto self-calibration.
  • Remote wireless controls.
  • Trend and usage data as part of our automated diagnostics services.
  • Alarm notifications and warnings.
  • Interface/integration with advanced Building Automation Systems (BAS).
  • Programmable temperature settings for occupied vs. unoccupied states.
  • Zone-level resets and programmable limits.

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The benefits of deep insight into your operations and the energy savings of pneumatic retrofits with DDC systems cannot be overstated. Contact us today to learn more about how Edison Power can help with the installation, repair, maintenance, or calibration of your business-critical systems to lower energy consumption and enhance operational efficiency.

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