Automatic Temperature Controls and DDC Systems

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Direct Digital Controls (DDC) systems are used to control the many systems of a building or facility from one centralized point. Depending on the type of equipment you have installed and the business activities you are engaged in, these systems can vary significantly in size, cost, energy consumption, and complexity. DDC and automatic temperature control systems are often integrated as part of a Building Automation System (BAS) that connects a building's HVAC, water, lighting, safety, electrical, and alarm systems.

How a DDC System Can Enhance Your Business Operations

With a DDC system in place, you can monitor your HVAC, lighting, and related systems from a centralized station, either in-house or remotely. Using a network of wired or Wi-Fi-enabled sensors, you can capture environmental data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, and more to an application that can clean and organize this data, from which you can then extract actionable, value-added business insights. Change your workflows, add spare capacity, adjust usage schedules, or make important repairs as necessary – with minimal downtime and disruptions to your business processes.

Benefits of DDC Systems

With a DDC and BAS in place, facility owners, maintenance staff, and managers can:

With a DDC system, you can upgrade your outdated building controls and equip your facility with modern time- and cost-saving tools, technologies, and systems. Investment in a DDC makes sound business sense, and Edison Power is here to help you plan and roll out a system-wide upgrade.

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DDC system installations require an advanced level of technical expertise. Missteps during the audit, design, or installation stages can lead to compatibility issues and costly downtime.

Our teams can provide you with DDC system design and installation services across the country. Each install begins with a thorough on-site review of your current systems to determine where and how automation can be introduced. From there, we will put together a detailed proposal that outlines our recommendations and what you can, should, and should not do based on expected costs, benefits, and project outcomes. Along the way, we will provide transparent pricing via honest and open communication, so contact us today for assistance with your DDC or temperature control automation project.

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