Case Study: Elevate Culpeper

Aaron Wood and Kristy Romeo, founders of Elevate Culpeper, a co-working community space located in downtown Culpeper, have strong ties to the building. Aaron Wood’s mother, Rosia Wood, owns the building that houses Reigning Cats and Dogs and now, Elevate. His late father, Emory Wood, operated the Barter Post antique shop downstairs since the family bought the building in 1999.

Aaron Wood and Kristy Romeo wanted to update the electricals throughout the Elevate Culpeper building and add multiple circuits to make it function better as a co-working space. Initially referred to Edison Power and Controls by another contractor, they were open to our advice on what updates needed to be made immediately and what changes could be tackled in the future. Aaron Woods and Kristy Romeo also appreciated our proposal, during our initial consultation, to update the electricals in keeping with the look and feel of the space.

“Jason had a great understanding of our needs and made sure to keep the aesthetic inline with our brand and feel of the space,” said Kristy Romero. “He helped us pick out the right lighting, suggested how to control it efficiently, and gave us the ability to change our lighting depending on the event we were hosting. It has given us a lot of flexibility to make our space fit multiple scenarios.” 

With all the electrical up to speed, Edison Power and Controls put together a plan to phase in the rest of their electrical updates. 

While we were updating the electrical outlets and lighting, the owners saw an opportunity to add a keyless door entry with an app-connected lock so that the building could have increased security while also giving visitors easy access. That wasn’t in the initial plans, but they were quickly convinced of its advantages and decided to have a keyless door entry with an app-connected lock installed.

Another way we added value was by customizing the lighting to fit multiple scenarios. By day, the space needed to work for busy professionals that needed bright lights for work, but by night, the space would be transformed into a lounge that required softer lighting to invoke a warmer, more cozy feel. 

The owners were very pleased with our recommendations and the final outcome, saying: “Jason was very honest and upfront with us about costs, even helping us to save money. He looked for efficiencies in the space and helped us prioritize what to do first. He was always very responsive and professional in our space, which allowed him to carry out the work while we remained open for business.” 

Do you have concerns about the electricals in your commercial space and want the advice of professionals on how to tackle them? Are you converting your space from one type of use to another and want to make sure that your electricals are in order? Would you like to install a keyless entry door lock with an app to minimize visitor contact with door handles? 

Reach out to us! We’re more than glad to help.  

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