The Best Office Lighting to Improve Productivity

Have you found yourself wondering how office lighting and productivity are linked? Have a look at this guide to learn more about how lighting improves productivity. You might not think that office lighting and productivity are linked. The truth is that how an office is lit affects how well people work. A majority of offices…

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Lighting Control in Your Building Automation System

Lighting Controls in Building Automation Systems

Millions of dollars are lost annually in the U.S. because the lighting is left on in unoccupied rooms or overnight in unoccupied buildings. An automated light system can save a company substantially in lighting costs and are an integral part of any building automation system. Here we outline some key points to consider when choosing…

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Picking the Best Lighting System for Your Business

The best lighting system for your business is the one that enhances the look and feel of your space while also being energy-efficient and cost-effective. While there are a number of lighting solutions on the market, typically the incandescent bulbs that we all know and that have been in use across the world for hundreds…

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